Tuesday, February 22

Breaking the dreaded Curse of Groundhog Crossing

Amazing!  Based on my own and other agents’ experience, I had given up hope of ever selling anything in Groundhog Crossing.  For reasons no one’s been able to explain that seemingly unexceptional community has developed a reputation as the most bad-luck acreage in Suffolk County from a sales standpoint.  You can imagine my surprise when an early afternoon sales call in that neck of the woods actually resulted in a sale.  Now, it wasn’t a huge sale by any means, it’s no real tragedy that I don’t have the local Mercedes dealer on speed-dial, but anything helps.  In addition, the customer is a “new face,” in other words he doesn’t already have a policy with ABC Insurance, and as such he will count extra toward any bonuses.  Tomorrow evening I have another sales call in Groundhog Crossing, and now that the curse has been broken I might get lucky once more.

Following the call I met up with my manager, and we headed out to eastern Suffolk to call on some existing customers.  Every few weeks every agent is supposed to spend a day with his or her manager.  Commissions still go to the agent.  We went to the North Fork, a somewhat more bucolic part of the county, especially in comparison to the South Fork where I usually work.  The first two customers we met weren’t able to talk with us at any length, but I set appointments for calls at later dates, Thursday afternoon and a week from Saturday.  The third call was a success, as the customer decided to buy a fairly substantial policy.  It wasn’t the type of policy about which he originally inquired, but even though my commission was slightly smaller I didn’t really mind because the policy he bought is “field underwritten,” in other words it does not require approval from the home office.  That means I don’t have to be concerned that it will get rejected and my commission reversed, a relatively uncommon but by no means unheard-of event.  So today turned out much better than I had anticipated, and I didn’t mind not getting home until almost 8:30.

Gym: despite my late return I was able to get in a decent bench press session.  6 x 135, 4 x 185, 4 x 205, 4 x 4 x 225, 8 x 185.

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  1. EUREKA! Meat will be on the table this weekend! ;^)

  2. Not filet mignon or prime porterhouse … it wasn’t *that* big of a day …

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