Thursday, March 3

At this point, I’m not going to bother finding pseudonyms

I’ve decided that there’s no point in thinking of clever pseudonyms for the two adjoining towns where I’ve been working this week.  Not because I’ve lost interest in the moniker-bestowing process, but because I don’t plan to spend any more time with those towns after this week.  While Groundhog Crossing has a reputation as a tough town in which to do business (though I made a sale there last week), these two towns are, if anything, worse.  I spent several hours today driving around them calling on as many customers as I could find.  Suffice to say I got nowhere.  Either the people couldn’t be located or they weren’t interested in anything else.  Okay, this one customer, a woman in her mid-50’s, had a pretty good reason for not being interested.  I stopped at the industrial  business where she was the office manager, and asked a young woman if “Gertrude” was available.  It was immediately apparent that something odd was going on, as the young woman got a really uncomfortable look on her face and told me to wait.  She went into the production area of the business and returned with a man who seemed to be the foreman.  He told me that Gertrude had died a couple of months ago.  I said I’d come back next week to speak with a relative who’s now running the business, depending on the circumstances of Gertrude’s departure I might be able to help the family file a claim.

After a few more hours of fruitless calls, no more departed customers however, I headed home and made some calls.  Having exhausted all the business customer cards in these towns I placed my hopes on some of the residential customers.  After making more calls than I care to remember I ended up with nothing scheduled.  For the most part I got voice mail, and none of the few people I managed to reach were interested in scheduling any sales calls.  At best there were a few “call me back next week” responses.  What saved the phone session from being a complete flop was that I got a call from a lapsed customer in Chipmunk Junction whom I had called a couple of weeks ago.  I’m going to see him on Monday evening.  What could be especially promising is that he was one of about 20 employees of a construction company whose policies all lapsed a couple of years ago when the employer decided to stop paying for them.  If I can make a sale, he might be able to help me get in contact with some of his co-workers.  Whatever the case, this is all for next week and beyond.  It’s looking very much as if this week is going to be a zero-sale week.  These things happen from time to time, they’re not the end of the world, but it still isn’t pleasant.

Gym: at least I had a very decent weights session.  Hammer Strength MTS Front Pulldown: 6 x 6 x 110/110.  Horizontal leg presses: 5 x 8 x 380.  Hammer Strength MTS Shoulder Press: 4  x 8 x 110/110.  Life Fitness seated leg curls: 4 x 8 x 185.

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