Tuesday, March 8

Those numbers certainly weren’t bad; and, a note on terminology

No sales today, but I wasn’t expecting to make any, not having any scheduled sales calls.  Tomorrow I’ve got two in Chipmunk Junction and with any luck will sell at least one of them.  As for today, I made an early trip to nearby Groundhog Crossing in an attempt to track down a couple of potential customers.  No luck finding them, but because it’s such a short drive I wasn’t too frustrated.  After stopping back home briefly I went to the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns (I suppose that’s actually a pseudonym) to call on several business customers whom I’d been unable to contact last week.  Still no luck, although I was able to help another customer with filing a claim for benefits.  He’s past the age where I could sell anything new, but I might be able to get some referrals.

One of the rules of thumb in the industry is that you can expect to schedule one sales call for every 20 to 25 telephone calls made.  What with the ubiquity of voice mail, this number is probably on the rise.  Starting at 6 pm tonight I began calling existing customers in the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns … and to my extreme (and pleasant) surprise made 12 to 15 calls and scheduled four sales calls.  If the usual rule applied I would have had to make 80 to 100 calls to get those results.  One sales call is set for Thursday morning, and the other three for next week.  Given the stepped up quota requirements I am very glad I was able to get these positive results!

As for the note on terminology … it may seem odd that I use terms like “scheduled sales calls” or the like, instead of saying the more usual “appointments.”  There is a reason for my choice of terms.  You see, “appointment” is a very disturbing word.  It all goes back to my unsuccessful tenure at XYZ Insurance in the first half of 2010 and the rather disagreeable woman who was my manager.  Right after I had completed my training, she told me that I had to sit in her office and make calls until I had set two appointments.  I couldn’t leave until I reached that mark.  “Two appointments!” she said to me, with a condescending look on her face.  All I had was a list of about 20 names from a company publicity event, and my worry level grew as I worked my way through the list and got nothing except voice mail.  I knew it would be hopeless to inform the manager of that, as she would just tell me to call people I knew (Sell to People You Know! was XYZ’s motto).  When the manager went to get some coffee I snuck out and went home.  As XYZ was a revolving door for new agents, I knew that the manager would have forgotten about my unauthorized departure by the next day.  In any event, the point of my digression is that due to the “Two appointments!” harassment, the very word “appointments” creates a wave of disgust.  And that’s why I say “sales calls” instead.

Gym: my aching shoulder is almost completely better, but just to be on the safe side I did leg work that wouldn’t involve my shoulders.  Horizontal leg press: 5 x 8 x 400.  Seated lower back extensions: 5 x 8 x 185.  Life Fitness seated leg curls: 3 x 8 x 185.  Seated calf raises: 4 x 12 x 140.

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