Monday, March 14

The phone score

The day and the week began in the usual manner, with the weekly agents’ meeting.  It was shorter than usual, about one hour vs. 90 minutes, which always comes as a treat.  Not that the meetings are boring, as meetings go, it’s just that with the start of a new week I’m metaphorically chomping at the bit to go out in the field.  No doubt other agents think the same way.  As I didn’t have any calls scheduled for today I wasn’t really expecting to sell anything, but I was hoping at least to set some things up for the rest of the week.  I headed off to the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns in an attempt to catch some business customers who up to this point had proven elusive. The way I figured, Mondays may be the days when they’re most likely to be in their places of business rather than out in the field (most of them are in construction-related fields).  Apparently I figured wrong, as I had no luck at all finding anyone.

I headed back home in the mid-afternoon, and after a short break spent two solid hours, from 6 to 8, calling existing and recently lapsed customers.  After Saturday’s voice mail bonanza I figured that my luck might be a little better.  To get an idea of how things went, I kept a record of my calls.  The final tally: 41 calls made, 22 voice mails, 6 rejections,* 4 messages left with people, 4 numbers not in service, 3 call-me-another-day responses, and 2 in-person calls scheduled.  Scheduling just two might not seem very promising, but the average is one call scheduled for every 20 to 25 telephone calls made, and I was right in line with that.  Neither scheduled call was for this week, one being for next week and one for the following week.  With four already scheduled for the rest of this week, however, it’s not so bad.

* = 5 of the 6 rejections were not from the policyholders, but from the policyholders’ wives (“we already have enough insurance”).  So unsurprising.

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