Tuesday, March 15

Just another day

Today was one of those 50th-percentile days that won’t stick in memory for very long.  In other words, nothing much out of the ordinary happened … which is actually a good thing, in most respects. Without any meetings or training sessions in the office, I got a fairly late start to the day, making some late-morning customer calls in nearby Groundhog Crossing.  Not much to report, however.  Later in the day I headed off to one of the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns for two scheduled customer calls.  They were scheduled only an hour apart, which is cutting it close, however as they were less than a quarter-mile apart I figured it would be okay.  The first call went well, I made a small but decent enough sale. It isn’t quite enough to make this a good week, but it’s a start.  When I finished and went to the second call, I found to my dismay that there was no one home.  Had I been porched?  As things turned out, I called the customer and he was very apologetic, he had been caught at work and had forgotten I was coming.  We rescheduled for next Monday, and he swore that he’d be there.

Gym: for the first time in a while I used the stationary cycle, 40 minutes at 18.3 mph.

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