Wednesday, March 16

Right place, check.  Right time, check.

It’s funny how a day that gets off to a bad start can turn out much better.  Getting to this morning’s training session definitely qualified as a bad start, as a huge traffic jam on the Expressway turned a 20-minute trip into an hour-long crawl.  It was raining quite heavily, but that shouldn’t have caused all the delays, and while the traffic radio reported a crash farther west it was far enough away that it shouldn’t have had any effects in my location.  Whatever the case, I arrived at least 20 minutes late, it would have been much worse if I hadn’t gotten an early start.  It’s not as if there’s a time clock or anything, but I loathe being late.

As the training session involved role-playing, which takes some time, it didn’t wind up until around 11, as opposed to the usual 10:30.  I stayed around for a while afterward, tossing many old lead cards into the recycling bin and picking up some new ones.  They are for a town in central-eastern Suffolk just to the west of the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns.  I’ll have to think up a new moniker.  It’s a fairly large town, much bigger than its Non-Pseudonymed neighbors (not saying much, both are literally one-stoplight towns), about the same size as Chipmunk Junction, and somewhat smaller than Range Rover Territory.  What’s nice is that it’s not too far of a drive for me.  Nothing like the endless trek to Chipmunk Junction.

In any event, I decided to head out to this new town and call on some of the business customers.  The very first one was in an industrial area at the edge of town, and because the owner’s policies had lapsed a few months ago I wasn’t holding out much hope.  Surely he must have let his policies lapse for a reason, right?  To my considerable and very pleasant surprise, he was perfectly willing to take out a new health-related policy for himself and his family.  It was one of the easier sales I’ve ever made.  No resistance, no price negotiations, nothing.  As it was a family rather than individual policy the premium, and hence my commission, was quite substantial.  But wait!  It gets even better.  He said that a relative of his, who runs another branch of the business in Range Rover Territory, also might be interested in a similar policy.  He called her, and she said fine.  Accordingly, I headed over to R.R.T. and made another sale.  While this was an individual rather than a family policy, the customer was near the maximum eligibility age and therefore the premium was almost as high as the first policy.  Even better, this second sale counts as a new-customer sale, which carries a higher commission percentage.  When all was said and done, this was a very, very good day for me, enough to give me a most satisfactory income for the week even if I don’t sell anything else.  I am so glad I decided to stop in the business despite my misgivings about it being a lapsed customer.

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