Thursday, March 17

A dirty girl!

I began St. Patrick’s Day bright and early (well, not too early) with a trip to one of the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns for a sales call I had scheduled last week.  It was at a nice house in a wooded area.  The sort of nice house where the people may well have money to buy some fairly large policies.  With great expectations I rang the doorbell and waited.  As you’ve undoubtedly guessed, no one answered.  I couldn’t tell whether the customers had forgotten I was coming or whether I’d been porched.  I called and left a voice mail message.  To my mild surprise the wife called me in the evening, in fact she and her husband had forgotten I was coming.  She was quite apologetic, but added that the family financial position was such that they just weren’t in the position to buy anything.  Of course that begs the question of why they had wanted me to come over in the first place.  It also shows that just because people live in a fancy house doesn’t mean they actually have any money.  It can work the opposite way too – one of the very largest sales I made, back in the training phase, was at a cluttered and dirty little shack, to a customer whose personal hygiene standards were on the left tail of the Bell Curve.

I headed back home after the failed call and after a short break met a manager and several other agents in western Suffolk for some field training in residential canvassing.  One thing I found out is that due to some office restructuring I will at least temporarily have some central Suffolk communities in my territory.  Just what communities will be decided next week.  It is very good news, because I will be able to do some work in areas reasonably close to home.  With today’s gasoline prices, it’s more like very good news.  As for the canvassing, I got to see an expert in action, though we didn’t end up making any sales … most of the people home, in a working-class community in western Suffolk, were either old, broke, or non-English-speaking!  Still, it was good training, and the group canvassing will be a regular Thursday afternoon activity from now on.

Gym: nothing too exciting, just 30 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.4 mph.  Well, there was something interesting; as I was entering the gym, a distressed-looking young woman came up to the front desk and said “You’ve got to do something about the women’s locker room!  There must have been a dirty girl in there and it’s disgusting!”  I really, really wish I knew exactly what happened.  And what a “dirty girl” specifically means.

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