Monday, March 21

Any closing location will do

It was an utterly miserable morning, with a cold rain that had some wet snow mixed in, to my surprise Expressway traffic was moving at a semi-decent pace.  Overhead electronic signs warned of delays, but these were a few exits ahead and I got to the Monday meeting right on time.  Of course the 50-foot walk from my car to the office building door was enough to get me semi-soaked.  The meeting itself went okay, though it was a bit longer than usual.  As I had to do some paperwork and restock my form supply, I didn’t end up leaving until almost noon.  I headed back home for a while, the rain having mostly stopped by this point, and took care of some non-work issues.  In the late afternoon I headed out to one of the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns for a sales call.  It was for a customer who was a no-show last week, but whom I had been able to reach on the telephone (“Sorry, I forgot”) and reschedule for today.  Sure enough, I got to his house at the scheduled time … and no one was there.  Oh, no.  I called him, expected to get voicemailed, but to my very pleasant surprise he answered and said he was running a bit late.  He suggested meeting at a diner about five miles away, and I said fine.  For one of my biggest sales the customer and I filled out the application on the hood of his truck at a Burger King parking lot, so there’s precedent for unusual locations to work just fine.  As happened today, I made a decent sale, not enough to make the week but certainly more than enough to get it off to a good start. 

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