Tuesday, March 22

Much effort, few results

One thing about being in sales is that both good days and bad days are bound to happen.  Today was of the latter type, at least for the most part.  I spent several hours calling on existing and lapsed customers in  Opossum Hollow, which is the moniker I have bestowed on an eastern Suffolk community just to the west of the Two Non-Pseudonymed Towns.  It’s a good deal bigger than either of those towns and there are many more customers.  Which most emphatically did NOT mean that I was able to find anyone today who actually wanted to, you know, buy something. What made my lack of results especially hard to take was the fact I made two full presentations without getting a sale from either one.  That is not common, usually with two presentations I would get one sale and possibly two.  One of the two presentations may not turn out to be a total waste, as the customer said he’d mention ABC Insurance to his workers and I may be able to speak directly to them.  The other presentation failed mainly because the customer just wasn’t able to afford anything.  My information card showed him to be X years old.  He looked really old for his age, and during the presentation I found out why: the card was wrong, he was actually X + 11 years old.  Premiums for the type of policy in which he was interested are age-based, and while he might have been able to afford the premiums had he actually been X years old they were out of reach at X + 11.

I headed back home in late afternoon and spent over an hour calling customers.  Or trying to call them.  As had been the case on Saturday, I got voicemailed repeatedly.  My hour-plus on the telephone yielded precisely zero scheduled calls.  I figured I’d make a way-too-delayed gym visit in an attempt to drown (so to speak) my sorrows, but other things intervened and I couldn’t go.


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