Monday, March 28

I’m actually not trying to sell anything this week

I know, it sounds very very weird for a commissioned sales representative to say that, what with no sales meaning no income, but there’s a method to my madness.  Bonuses were the main topic of discussion at today’s weekly agents’ meeting.  With the calendar quarter ending on Friday, we learned where each of us stands in terms of earning a quarterly bonus.  Suffice to say that I’m not remotely close to bonusing, it would take a truly spectacular four days for me to reach that goal.  It’s not just me, by the way, as at least half of the agents are very unlikely to bonus and some others are relatively long shots.  In any event, starting on Friday with the new quarter, there will be a new bonus plan that should make it somewhat easier to get bonuses.  What with carrots and sticks and all that, there also will be new minimum quotas.  What this all means is that making sales this week won’t help me nearly as much as sales made on Friday and thereafter.  I was able to postpone tomorrow’s scheduled group presentation in Chipmunk Junction to next week.  After leaving the meeting I didn’t do much of anything work-related for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow and Wednesday I’ll try scheduling calls for next week, because calls tend to fall through if scheduled too far in advance I figured it wouldn’t make sense to try scheduling next-week calls today.

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