Friday, April 1

Hopes up, hopes down, hopes back to where they started

Ah, April 1.  Not only is it April Fool’s Day, but it’s also the start of a new calendar quarter with new bonuses and quotas.  Things got off to an early start when I met a customer in Groundhog Crossing.  Based on his current coverage I had figured he would be in the market for a relatively small policy.  Nothing that would guarantee me a bonus, but it would be a start.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when he began our discussion by saying that he wanted a big disability policy and a fairly large life policy as well.  He also was looking at a health policy for his wife.  If he took everything I would be well over half way toward getting an April bonus, not bad for the very beginning of the month.  As he was an existing customer my commission would not have been as high as if he had been a newcomer, but even so it would have been comfortably into the four figures.  All these hopes proved very short-lived, alas, because the customer came right out and said that he wanted to compare prices with some other companies before deciding on anything.  At least he was upfront about things.  I’m going to check back with him in the middle of the coming week, hopefully he’ll go for at least one of the policies.  ABC Insurance’s rates for disability policies are just about the best in the market, especially for younger people like this customer.

Later in the morning I went out to the county seat city to call on some existing and lapsed business customers.  I was able to sell a relatively small policy, about what I originally thought that the morning’s customer would have taken, so I guess today fit expectations.  It was nice to start out the month and quarter with a sale, even if it wasn’t a huge one.

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