Thursday, March 31

That was a timely call

Timing can be good, and timing can be bad, but today it was (potentially) excellent.  I began the day with a trip to Opossum Hollow to call on a contractor I had seen last week.  Yes, it was the same contractor who had referred me to his brother, who turned out to be uniquely nasty.  Anyway, I went back to the nice-brother contractor to follow up on the brochures I had dropped off for his workers.  We talked for a while, I told him that his brother wasn’t interested with no further details, and gradually began interesting him in a policy for himself.  Our talk was interrupted by occasional calls from his workers in the field, as was to be expected.  When one of the workers called, he said “There’s a salesman from [ABC] Insurance in my office right now, you have a policy with them, right?”  He then put the worker on speaker phone so I could hear what he had to say.  It was quite satisfying to hear the worker say that he and his family had used the policy a number of times, had gotten their claims paid quickly and easily, and was very happy he had taken it out.  Now how’s that for excellent timing?  In any event, the contractor himself was interested in getting a policy for himself and his family, and I arranged to come back on Monday.  Under normal circumstances I would have pressed for an immediate sale, but with the second-quarter bonuses not starting until tomorrow that didn’t sound like the best idea.

I called on some more customers in town, without too much success, and then returned to the office at 3 pm for a 2-hour “phone clinic.”  It wasn’t a big turnout, in fact it was just three agents including me, and one of the managers.  I was a bit skeptical of making calls during a time when many people are at work.  To my pleasant surprise, out of 19 telephone calls made, I reached eight people and scheduled two sales calls.  That’s a higher contact rate than I usually make when I call people in the evening.  Who’d have guessed?  My two calls are both on Tuesday, both in Chipmunk Junction, and 90 minutes apart. If nothing else that’s an efficient use of time.

By the time I got home I had an annoying back ache, though I’m not sure what caused it.  It wasn’t anything terrible, unfortunately it was enough to keep me out of the gym.

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