Saturday, April 2/Sunday, April 3

Almost 90 minutes spent making calls on Saturday afternoon proved an exercise in futility.  As I’ve found on other occasions, Saturday calls almost always lead to voice mail.  Either people are out on Saturdays or they’re just not in a telephone-answering mood.  More likely the latter.  On a better note, I had two nice gym sessions.  Saturday was leg work.  Horizontal leg presses: 5 x 8 x 360.  Seated calf raises: 5 x 10 x 140.  Seated leg curls: 4 x 8 x 185.  Precor leg extensions: 3 x 8 x 180.  On Sunday, I gingerly tiptoed (so to speak) back into the realm of bench presses: 6 x 135, 6 x 155, 6 x 185, 6 x 205, 2 x 225, 10 x 135. I finished off with some barbell rows, 4 x 8 x 155.

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  1. My lower body weight training routines are simpler: 4 x 20 reps at each station: squats, toe raises, leg curls, leg extensions. Plus always 30 mins of cardio eith treadmill jogging or an eliptical trainer.

    Peter, if you ever manage to sell anything to all these stingy-assed customers I would like to read a special post.

  2. That’s a decent lower body routine. I really have to get back to doing squats instead of leg presses.

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