Monday, April 4

The Chauncey and Farnsworth Show, episode 2

Some of this blog’s few readers may recall my dealing with the brothers Chauncey and Farnsworth the week before last.  To recap, briefly, I had called upon a lapsed customer named Chauncey in Opossum Hollow, and in the course of our pleasant chat he suggested that I speak to his brother Farnsworth in a different part of Suffolk County.  When I called upon Farnsworth a week ago Wednesday, I found to my dismay that he was as unpleasant as his brother was amiable, to the point that I wondered how these two could share any genetic material.  Farnsworth rudely sent me away from his business and, needless to say, did not buy anything.

Flash forward to today.  Following the regular weekly meeting, which was a bit shorter than usual, I paid a return call upon Chauncey.  He purchased a couple of policies, not quite as large as what I thought he would select, but enough to give me a very good start to the week.  If I were to sell nothing else this week it would be a tolerable performance if not quite what one would call successful.  While I was writing up the forms Chauncey was talking to people on the telephone, and because he was moving around his office quite  a bit he had them on speaker phone.  Lo and behold, he got a call from his dear sibling Farnsworth.  Now, I wasn’t deliberately eavesdropping, but because the call was on speaker phone I couldn’t help but hear.  It was a completely routine call about ordinary business matters, definitely not the sort of things to inflame one’s passions.  Farnsworth nonetheless appeared incapable of uttering a complete sentence without including at least one swear word.  His potty mouth fit in perfectly with the sort of demeanor he had displayed toward me.  Once again, I’m still perplexed as to how these two can be brothers.

I made some telephone calls later in the day and attended to some non-business matters.  No more sales, but tomorrow I have some things lined up in Chipmunk Junction and am hoping that the long drive will prove worthwhile.  Oh, remember the sore back muscles I had last week, that had put in crimp in my gym schedule?  It looks like yesterday’s bench and back session re-aggravated them.  Today I am way too sore to even think about going anywhere in the gym.

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