Wednesday, April 6

I probably should have stopped at Burger King

Yesterday’s Burger King-induced dose of good luck alas did not carry over until today.  After making decent sales on Monday and Tuesday, today I ended up with a goose egg.  Not for lack of trying, as I spent several hours in Opossum Hollow calling on current and lapsed customers.  It was a combination of people not being around and people saying I’m happy with what I’ve got.  To my mild and not-entirely-unpleasant surprise I didn’t hear anyone say the dreaded Let me think about it. Sometimes you have to find small victories where you can.  In two occasions I called on new businesses at locations formerly occupied by lapsed customers.  Saying that the predecessor was a customer can be a decent way to approach a new customer.  To my amusement, in both cases the people told me I’m already set with my insurance needs (or words to that effect) as soon as I introduced myself and my company.  This is amusing in that the people gave that response before I had an opportunity to say what sort of insurance I was selling.  ABC Insurance is not very well-known in the marketplace, so it’s doubtful that just mentioning the company’s name would have meant anything.  Really, if you’re not interested, just come right out and say so.  It’s fine.

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  1. Hey I found your blog. You are a crazy man. Just sayn’

  2. Just look what Trooper York did to you: link.

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