Tuesday, April 12

There’s just no response to this objection

As I’ve become more experienced in the insurance business I’ve become better at countering the various objections that potential customers often raise.  Customer: Filing a claim might not be worth the bother. Me: Here is a claim form, note how simple it is, and in any event I’d be happy to come help you if necessary. Customer: What if I pay for this policy for months or years, but never need it? Me: The whole point of insurance is that you have to buy it before you need it – if you wait until the need arises, it’s too late to buy it. You get the idea.  Unfortunately, there are some objections that it’s just impossible to counter.  As I learned today.

I headed off to Quaint Historic Village in the late morning for a couple of scheduled sales calls.  The first of these went about as well as a sales call can go, the customer being ready and willing to buy.  It wasn’t a particularly large sale, but everything helps.  My second call?  Not so good.  It was at a service-type business, with the owner being an existing customer of ABC Insurance.  He had wanted me to help him fill out a claim form.  One thing I had found out when I spoke to the owner last week is that four family members work for him in the business, and that none of them have policies.  I was hoping that in return for helping the owner, he would agree to take out policies on his family members.  Needless to say, my hopes were not to be.  While filling out the claim form was not difficult, the owner had a million questions and I spent over an hour and a half in his office.  Then, when I broached the subject of policies for his family members, he said that he wanted to see how quickly his claim got paid before he decided on anything else.  This is not an uncommon form of resistance, unfortunately there is next to nothing I can say in response.  I’ll follow up to see what happens with this customer’s claim, hopefully he will get his money soon and I’ll have an opportunity to make more sales.  For now, however, I have to be content with just the one sale today.  At least the traffic on the way back home was much less fearsome that it often can be.

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