Friday, April 15

At least it provided a good war story

A busy start to the day, as I called on a number of nearby businesses in an attempt to make presentations to their employees.  I’ve been concentrating on restaurants, as they almost never provide their workers with fringe benefits.  This (hopefully) makes restaurant employees especially receptive to ABC Insurance’s offerings.  Another advantage of restaurants is that they seldom if ever have gatekeepers.  If I approach a hostess or other employee, identify myself, and ask to speak to the manager on duty, my request will be granted without discussion.  Now, it may well be that the manager on duty does not have the authority to discuss insurance matters, but if that’s the case he or she will give me the name of the general manager or owner and will let me know the best time to check back.

The first restaurant owner with whom I spoke knew about ABC Insurance, as years ago he had a policy himself and had collected a couple of nice payouts.  He noted that getting the workers together for even a brief presentation could be complicated from a logistical standpoint given the different shifts they work.  I knew about this already, having heard similar stories from other agents.  Speaking of stories, when I went into the office for the afternoon check-in I regaled those present with my experiences at yesterday’s woefully failed sales call.  Just about everyone in the industry has busted calls from time to time, and it’s always fun to swap stories.  On a more serious note, I talked with my manager about my efforts to meet quotas, and he said that he would be willing to work more directly with me if need be, as would the two other managers in the office.  That should help.

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