Monday, April 25

Explain this to me

Last week I had spoken to a customer about a large disability policy.  He had expressed some interest, but wanted to look through a brochure over the weekend.  I was to contact him today.  Now, I had tried to point out that reading through the brochure wouldn’t do much.  It’s really just an advertising flier, with only a few details on the policy.  This is especially significant with respect to a disability policy as it’s a complicated sort of policy, capable to being customized as to amounts, duration of benefits, and waiting periods.  Premiums are based on these factors in addition to age, type of occupation, and whether or not the applicant has worker’s compensation.  In fact there are probably over a thousand possible premium amounts, and needless to say they aren’t in the brochure.  But whatever.  I gave the customer the brochure last week and told him I’d check back in today.

Following the morning meeting, and some administrative tasks, I went to see this customer just before noon.  The moment I walked into his place of business, I knew it wasn’t my day.  He was annoyed at my presence and said that he and his wife had not yet had the chance to review the brochure.  Things really went south when he added, in a very terse tone, “I will call you after I’ve gone through the brochure.”  In other words, don’t contact me.  It’s a near-certainty that I’ve got no chance of making the sale, as customers don’t call agents.  I tried to repeat my caution about how the brochure doesn’t say much, but the customer wasn’t interested in hearing anything more I had to say.  I was so disturbed about this lost sale that I called my manager and explained what happened.  To my sort-of relief, he said that it didn’t sound as if I’d done anything wrong, and that some customers are just impossible to explain.  I’m glad to know that … but I would have been even gladder to have made a sale.  As it was, I earned a goose egg for today.

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  1. Not only a “Goose egg” for today but also no GYM for today. In fact, you have’nt even MENTIONED the gym for at least 10 days!

    What’s up with that??

    I my case if I’m not ON the gym when I’m supposed to be my wife is ON MY ASS about it!!

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

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