Tuesday, April 26/Wednesday, April 27

Two more days that blend together

What could be said for Tuesday applies for Wednesday, and vice-versa.  With the end of April – the big quota month – drawing closer I spent much of my time running around calling on customers.  Or trying to call on them, as the case may be. It never ceases to amaze me just how hard it is to find people.  One man, in particular, my manager and I have both been trying to track him down for over two weeks.  He’s said that he wants to buy a disability policy.  That’s good.  What’s not so good is that he’s never available.  Normally I would take that as a sign that he really isn’t interested notwithstanding what he said, but my manager has spoken to him more than I have (and of course is better at sensing these things) says the interest seems genuine.  I hope so.  Meanwhile, I made a couple of relatively modest sales that together push me almost all the way to satisfying the April quota, if not quite all the way there. 

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