Wednesday, May 4

Monday, the sequel

Today really felt like Monday all over again.  And not in a good way.  Just like Monday it began with a meeting in the office, this time the new agents’ training session as compared to Monday’s general meeting.  We did role-play, which I usually don’t care for but which today went pretty well.  Another agent and I discussed whether we should do some business canvassing, but we decided that it would be inadvisable due to the rain.  Not that we particularly worried about getting wet, it’s that canvassing during rain makes agents look desperate, and of course customers can sense desperation a long way off.

No sooner did I leave the meeting when I got another dose of unwelcome news.  I had been scheduled to meet a customer in the late afternoon, having finally pinned her down to a time after more than two months of delays.  What with all these delays I figured it would be safer to call and confirm.  Well, there goes another potential sale down the drain.  She said that she’s interested in a couple of policies, unfortunately – details, details – she doesn’t have any money to pay for them.  Maybe in another couple months I’ll have the money, she said.  I’m not counting on that.  As for the rest of the day’s activities, I tried calling on some existing and lapsed customers, both in person and on the telephone, with a distinct lack of success. 

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