Friday, May 6

Cutting it too close for comfort

Things looked really grim for most of today as I was fearful that I would earn a big fat goose egg for the week’s efforts.  My day began with yet another return visit to the customer I had seen on Monday.  Given his track record I had a pretty good idea that he still wouldn’t be ready to commit and would ask me to come back once again.  My manager came with me this morning, in the hopes that maybe his presence would make a difference.  It didn’t.  The office manager told us that the customer was tied up with a last-minute project – admittedly, something that was quite possible in his line of work – and said that we could return at 2:00.  Okay, I said, my hopes diminishing at a rapid pace.

After a few attempts to call on other nearby customers, none successful, I met the agent with whom I had canvassed on Tuesday and Thursday.  In gratitude for my willingness to drive her when her car had been in the shop, she treated me to lunch at an AYCE Chinese buffet.  Usually I avoid such joints on caloric grounds, but as today was Eat-Anything-You-Want Day, I figured an exception was in order.  And yes, I pigged out something wicked.  During lunch we traded a few war stories, it turns out that several months ago she had dealt with the very same customer I had seen this morning, Mr. Come-Back-Later himself.  She had found him so nasty that she had simply given up on trying to deal with him.  Oh, great.  You will surely not be surprised that when I went back to see the customer at 2:00 he had yet another excuse why he couldn’t see me.  I finally issued him an ultimatum, not an easy thing to do considering my bad luck this week, and told him politely but sternly that I would return once, but only once.  He said that he could see me about 4:30, but as my manager was trying to set me up with something for the early evening I said that Monday would be better.  I am returning Monday at 11.  That’s it.

With this sale pushed off until Monday, if it ever happens, I didn’t bother going to the 3:00 check-in at the office for the simple reason that I had nothing to submit.  It looked as if this would be my first zero-income week in months.  Thankfully, my manager gave me a lead for a prospective customer in western Suffolk, not even in my usual territory.  I went to see her at 6:15, and within the first minute I knew I had a sale.  In fact, it was one of the easiest sales I’ve ever made, the customer was not merely willing to buy, but eager to buy.  She wanted a life insurance policy, not something I sell too often.  As she was somewhat older I was worried that she would have trouble with the medical-qualifications questions and I wouldn’t be able to make the sale, but as things turned out she said .  was in excellent health. I left her house just before 7:00, immensely relieved that I finally made a sale after such a dismal week.  Even better, this customer had no existing policies with ABC Insurance and therefore I got the higher “new customer” commission rate.  Not that one sale means I made a fortune this week.  My earnings for the week are about what a bank teller or supermarket cashier might make, but that’s far better than the goose egg I had been expecting.

Gym: I ran one mile on the treadmill at 4.6 mph, and then did 15 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.3 mph.

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