Monday, May 9

Wednesday is it.  Really.

Like every Monday, today began with the weekly agents’ meeting.  The highlight was a short talk with an agent who had done very well last week, in fact he made a shockingly large amount of money.  Earning in a month what he earned in a week would put one solidly into the middle class.  Actually, earning in a month what he earned in three days would be enough, as he made almost all of his sales between Tuesday and Thursday.  Maybe if he could send some telepathic success waves my way …

Following the meeting I made yet another trip to the nearby business whose owner has been stalling me again and again.  It should come as no surprise whatsoever that he said that another business-related obligation had come up and that he didn’t have the time to talk with me.  For the first time in my sales career I got a bit testy with a customer.  I told him that things had gone way too far, that his incessant stalling was no longer acceptable.  The customer got sort of defensive, saying that it was because he didn’t have much money he was taking so long, that if he had more money he would have just signed for the policies already.  He asked if I could come back on Wednesday.  My initial reaction was to say no, but I finally said that yes, I would come back on Wednesday, but that was that, I would be working in a new territory after that (not true, but he has no way of knowing) and would not be able to return under any circumstances.  We’ll see what happens.

The rest of my day wasn’t too successful, I called on a number of customers but no one seemed to be available.  Ending the day with no sales was discouraging, but it’s only Monday.  More days to turn things around and have a decent week.

Gym: a solid 45 minutes on the stationary cycle at 18.5 mph.

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  1. what an unusual blog. Good luck.

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