Tuesday, May 17/Wednesday, May 18

Rain, rain go away

I’m not saying that the off-and-on (more on than off) rain that characterized both days was the sole reason for my lack of sales success, but it was likely a factor.  All I can say is that my efforts got me nowhere.  No sales, at best a couple of possibilities for next week.  It wasn’t just me, other agents were having a hard time too.  It’s almost as if bad weather puts people in a non-buying mood.  About the only good thing is that I got a stack of new customer cards for Groundhog Crossing.  While I haven’t had much luck in that town, at least it’s close to home.  With gasoline prices being as high as they are, staying close to home is a big relief.  Now if I can just break the Curse of Groundhog Crossing …

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  1. I also am a weight lifter, but not nearly as heavy, I’m older and going more for circuit/cardio bennys.

    I’m curious, do you have a special diet that enables you to lift the heavy weights that you lift??

  2. I don’t really have any special diet … in fact, what with being on the road so much, I probably eat about as poorly as you can get. This is something I really have to change.

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