Tuesday, May 24

Prep work

No actual sales today, but I (hopefully) laid the groundwork for some during the day by distributing “sorry I missed you” door knob hangers.  On each one I’d write a brief note about trying back at a future time, usually the next evening, and asking the customer to call me if that wasn’t a good time.  I did these for both existing and lapsed customers.  Now, in one sense this is an inefficient use of time, as in theory it requires two visits to each customer’s house – one for distributing the hanger, and my follow-up visit.  In my experience, and that of other agents too, it actually works quite well.  If the customer calls to say that the promised time isn’t good, I have the chance to speak with him or her on the telephone – something pretty hard to do otherwise thanks to voice mail – and might be able to schedule a call.  If the customer doesn’t call, and I return at the promised time, I’ll know that the customer has been “softened up” in advance.  Approaching a customer without any preparatory work often fails, because so many people have an initial “I’m not interested” reaction.  I’m hoping this latest round of hangers works out well.

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