Wednesday, May 25

Bad start, good finish

Today definitely got off to a bad start.  As is usual for Wednesdays, it began with the training session for newer agents.  While the session was useful, my attendance may have cost me a sale.  During the session my phone rang, and I slid the “Ignore” slider on the screen so it would go to voice mail.  About 20 minutes later I checked my voice mail and found out that the caller was one of the people for whom I had left off a door hanger the previous day.  He said that he wouldn’t be in this evening, which was the return time I had written on the hanger, and said that he hoped I’d get the message and not waste a trip.  Note that he did not say that he wasn’t interested in seeing me.  I immediately called him back, and to my complete non-surprise got his voice mail.  I left the usual message about wanting to get together to review his coverage, and asked him to give me a call to set a mutually agreeable time.  It should come as no surprise whatsoever that I haven’t heard back from him.  While it could be argued that his failure to return my call means that he isn’t interested, I still believe that if I hadn’t been in the training session and had gotten his call, I might have been able to talk him into seeing me.

Following the training session I returned to Groundhog Crossing to distribute more door hangers prior to a scheduled 3:00 sales call.  I actually found several people home, which unfortunately didn’t translate into any success.  There was one amusing encounter when a recently lapsed customer, who was working on his lawn as I approached, responded with a hostile “Who wants to know?” when I asked if he were Mr. Jones.  He must’ve thought I was a bill collector or was serving process.  When I told him who I was he was less hostile, not that he was interested in any new policies.

I headed to the customer’s house for the 3:00 sales call, and as I drove up I noticed with displeasure the lack of any cars in the driveway.  Sure enough, no one was home.  I waited around for quite a while, to no avail.  Being stood up is obviously nothing unusual, however in this case it was the customer who had called me (in response to a hanger) just yesterday.  Dejected, I headed back home for a while, and in the early evening I headed back to Groundhog Crossing for some hanger follow-ups.  Something told me that I should drive past the house of the 3:00 customer, and sure enough there was a car in the driveway.  Not wanting to go straight to the door I drove around the block and called her.  She told me that she had been stuck at work (not surprising given the nature of her job) and hadn’t had my number on her.  We arranged for me to come over in about 15 minutes, and what I though would be a failed call turned into a pretty nice sale.  Nothing huge, but enough to make this a decent week.  Even better, the customer called her son when I was at her house and arranged for me to come back to meet him next week, as he is interested in a couple of policies himself.  I’m really happy I decided to check back at the customer’s house rather than just write it off as yet another busted call.

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