Thursday, May 26/Friday, May 27

Laying the groundwork

I didn’t make any sales either day, which was a slight though not crushing let-down.  Wednesday’s sale was enough to make this a decent week in quota and income terms, so the pressure wasn’t too high.  I had been hoping to make a potentially even better sale on Thursday, but the customer said that he would be just too busy to meet until after the holiday weekend.  Normally I’d say that was just a stalling technique, and that the customer was no longer interested, but given his type of business it actually made perfect sense.  We will get together next week and with a bit of luck I should be able to make a decent sale.

Speaking of next week, I spent these days setting out more of those door hangers, again with the intention of softening up customers in preparation for coming back and speaking to them in person.  In a few cases, especially on Friday, I saw people out and about around their houses as I drove up.  Rather than going in to speak to them, I drove off, and will come back on Tuesday to try to drop off door hangers.   This might seem an odd strategy at first. It’s hard enough to find people at home, here I had the opportunity, yet I didn’t take advantage of it.  There was a method in this madness.  I’ve been at this business long enough to realize that most people will show initial reluctance on first approach even if they might actually be interested in more insurance.  Hence, the usefulness of the door hangers.

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