Wednesday, June 1

June is busting out all over … including busted sales

Today began with the usual new agent training program.  One thing I found out was that yesterday was a completely wretched day for the whole office.  Only three agents out of 23 were able to write any policies.  None of the 10 people at the meeting were among their ranks.  But hey, I had high hopes for my 11 am scheduled sales call.  When I had stopped by to speak with the customer last week, she initially was hesitant (“We’re happy with what we have”) but they invited me in and said that she wanted me to come back for further discussions.  She even wrote today’s appointment on her calendar.  That led me to believe, quite reasonably I’d say, that she was genuinely interested in some additional policies.  Maybe I’d be one of the lucky agents who would turn things around from yesterday’s debacle.

Was I ever wrong.  The customer was home at 11 as scheduled, at least I wasn’t porched, but as soon as I started my presentation it was obvious that she wasn’t really interested.  It came as no surprise whatsoever when I heard the dreaded phrase “Let me think about it.”  Not being one to give up too soon, I tried the usual overcoming-resistance responses, to no avail.  Which leads me to wonder just why she had me return.  It wasn’t that my presentation didn’t convince her, as she displayed no real interest right from the start.  Disheartened by this defeat, I spent much of the rest of the day calling on other customers and distributing more door hangers. No sales, naturally enough, though at least I was able to schedule a couple appointments for next week.

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