Wednesday, June 8

No, the last several days have not vanished in a time warp

I haven’t posted anything since last Thursday because some major changes have been in the works and I just didn’t have the motivation to say much of anything.  To make a long story short, it’s now official: today I resigned as an agent for ABC Insurance, and will be starting a new sales job next Tuesday.  ABC Insurance was a nice company at which to work, and the constant quota pressures are just part of the game in sales, but for a variety of reasons I believe that working at the new company (which has yet to be appropriately pseudonymed) will be a major improvement both in income and lifestyle terms.

First and foremost, my new job involves inside sales, in other words I won’t be on the road for hours each day.  Being on the road so much has ground me down physically and psychologically.  Some people thrive at being “road warriors,” but I’m not one of them.  Most people aren’t.  I also won’t have to deal with receptionists giving me patently false smiles and uttering the dreaded phrase “Let me take your card and I’ll see that the office manager gets it, if she’s interested she’ll give you a call.” In addition, I will not be selling insurance.  It wouldn’t be appropriate to specify exactly what I’ll be selling because there aren’t all that many companies serving that particular niche, so maintaining the necessary anonymity would be difficult.  The point is that selling insurance is perhaps the hardest type of sales there is, mainly because no one really wants to buy insurance.  This has been especially true in my case because ABC’s supplementary policies were not the sort of insurance policies that people are required to have, such as car insurance, homeowner’s insurance or professional liability.  It’s been necessary not just for me to present the various policy options but to convince people why a need exists in the first place.


Another change is that the new job will have at least semi-regular hours.  I’ll have some degree of flexibility, but for the most part my life will be neatly divided between Work Hours and Non-Work Hours.  That has most definitely not been the case at ABC Insurance, where the almost complete degree of flexibility has the unfortunate side effect of leaving me with no truly “off” hours.  Lastly, my new job will not involve any telephone work, and I’m just not enamored of using the telephone.

Don’t get me wrong, there are no guarantees whatsoever that I’ll make a fortune at the new company … okay, pseudonym time, let’s call it JKL Sales Corporation – but I am hoping for the best, and really do believe that I’ll be making more money than I had been at ABC Insurance.  Which won’t necessarily be saying much.  On a completely different and better note, I’m also going to resume dragging my lazy posterior back to the gym.  What with being under such relentless pressure at ABC Insurance I had completely lost the motivation to go.  Something unfortunately apparent in my ever-expanding waistline.  That’ll change.

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