Tuesday, June 14/Wednesday, June 15

First impressions

I’ve combined these days into one entry because they are very similar.  I started at JKL Sales Corporation on Tuesday, for in-office training, and continued with the training on Wednesday.  Thursday I’ll start doing field training with my manager.  My first impressions of the company are favorable.  It has a completely different atmosphere from what I experienced at either XYZ or ABC Insurance.  Most notably, the 25 or so other salespeople tend to be much younger than the largely middle-aged or older crowd at the insurance companies.  I’d guess that the average age is under 30 with at least a few of the people barely into their 20’s.  On what’s probably a related note, the energy and enthusiasm level seems sky-high, although given the generally dour atmospheres at the insurance companies that’s not saying much.

Based on what I’ve heard from other salespeople, JKL seems to offer pretty good earnings opportunities.  While some people obviously are going to do better than others, as far as I can tell there’s much more equality in earnings than at the feast-or-famine insurance companies.  During a typical week at ABC Insurance, a few agents would make $3,000 or more in commissions, some others would be lucky to make $500, and almost invariably some would make nothing at all.  It does not appear that anything of the sort will happen here. 

Of course there’s a trade-off, namely the fact that the hours at JKL are going to be very, very long.  Long as in 60+ hours per week.  That’s not too far off from what I experienced when I worked in Manhattan, if you counted commuting time, and is typical for many self-employed people and business owners.  Still, it’ll make for a long week.  There’s a company-wide meeting and training session in the office from 9 to 10:30 – in a room notable for the lack of chairs, everyone stands – followed by a 30-minute meeting of each of the three managerial groups.  At about 11 the salespeople leave the office, and in my group at least we’re expected to be at our off-site work locations from 12:30 or 1 until about 7 or 7:30.  This leaves about a 90-minute to two-hour break in the middle of the day, which probably isn’t going to be particularly useful.  Still, as time goes on I’m sure I’ll settle into the routine.

Gym: on Tuesday, I did 40 minutes on a new type of elliptical, one which seems much harder than the other ones.  Didn’t go on Wednesday. 

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  1. STANDING, STANDING for a 90 minute meeting??!!Man, I’m just not getting that. What’s the point of that or IS there a point??

    How did you feel about that? Sounds VERY uncomfortable.

  2. I’m guessing that the standing is basically a way of helping people stay energetic and active. The energy level among the people at JKL Sales is sky-high compared to the often lethargic pace at ABC Insurance, which at least in part may be due to the fact that the people at JKL are much younger on average.

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