Monday, June 20/Tuesday, June 21

Venturing out on my own

Following the usual morning meetings, I headed out to a nearby work location on Monday morning for my last day spent in my manager’s company.  After the first hour or so spent observing him, I began speaking to potential customers myself.  At first I was concerned that I’d do something terribly wrong, but that didn’t happen at all.  In fact, my customer interactions went quite well, better than I would have dared to predict.  It’s just amazing how much nicer people are, when compared to my days of selling insurance.  Yes, there were a few schmucks, and even one man who gave me the dreaded “let me think about it” reply (it was hard not to laugh), but these were very much the exceptions.

Tuesday marked even a bigger change, as I went to a work location all by my very own.  It was in Groundhog Crossing, the nearby town in which I never had much success while with ABC Insurance.  After a slow start today turned out pretty well too, and working on my own was not scary at all.  So far, so good.

No, I did not go to the gym either day.  Monday was an 11-hour workday and Tuesday was closer to 12 hours.  I just didn’t have the energy for the gym, although I’m hoping that as I become more used to these long workdays my energy level will get better.

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