Wednesday, June 22/Thursday, June 23

Oooh, my achin’ feet

One downside of working with JKL Sales Corporation is that I have to spend several hours each day on my feet.  In fact, counting both the morning meetings in the chair-less conference room and my actual sales work, it’s probably at least eight to nine hours a day.  Of course this is nothing new for many people, but it definitely is new for me.  At ABC Insurance, for example, I spent much of my time driving around trying to find people who weren’t there.  Other people at JKL have reported success using gel shoe inserts, and after work on Wednesday I got a pair.  They indeed seem to help.  In any event, as time goes on I’ll certainly become more used to things.

While it doesn’t really matter as I’m still drawing a training salary, I did reasonably well on both days in sales terms.  Better, I’d say, than most other people when they’re new in the field.  Thursday started off slowly due to the rain and my location in a rather drab working-class community, but things picked up in the early evening.  Speaking of sales numbers, I found out something rather amusing on Wednesday.  Last week I had gotten a voice mail message from a former customer of mine at ABC Insurance.  A couple of months ago I had sold him a small policy, and now he wanted me to call him back.  I texted my former manager so he could handle the matter and promptly forgot about the whole thing.  Chances are the customer had a question about billing or wanted help filing a claim.

Early in the afternoon on Wednesday, as I was taking a short break, I got a call from another agent at ABC.  We’ve spoken a couple of times since I left.  It turned out that this former customer was the talk of the company at this morning’s meeting.  After receiving my text last week, my former manager sent another agent to see the customer.  After mentioning how helpful I had been (nice ego boost!), the customer said that he wanted to buy more policies.  Some very large policies.  When all was said and done the agent who made the sale got almost $2,500 in commissions and fulfilled an entire month’s worth of sales quotas.  Yes, had I still been with ABC this would have been mine.  It doesn’t bother me, however, as what with the Butterfly Effect and all that, I don’t know what really would have happened.  It was still quite a story to hear!

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