Wednesday, June 29/Thursday, June 30

Decent day, training day

Wednesday turned out to be a decent enough day after all.  After having done poorly on Monday and Tuesday I was quite worried that my slump would continue for a third day.  Fortunately, that didn’t happen, as following a relatively slow start things got better in the afternoon.  I was at a location where I hadn’t been previously, maybe that was the reason for my decent performance.  Or, much more likely, I just kept speaking to as many potential customers as possible.  “Sales is a numbers game” is a very, very old cliche, in fact I believe it was first written in cuneiform on clay tablets, but it actually is true.

I found out via text on Wednesday evening that Thursday would be a training day.  After meeting at the office in mid-morning, the other people working on my sales campaign carpooled (I didn’t have to drive, yay) into Nassau County for a group training session with that office.  The Nassau people put up excellent numbers, considerably better than those of us out in the wilds of Suffolk County, and management figured that we might be able to learn from them.  One thing I found out is that the Nassau office’s conference room is just as chair-less as ours.  In any event, after a nearly 3-hour session that included both sales and product training, we went back to our office and I then followed a Nassau salesman around for a few hours.  It was an opportunity to see him in action and hopefully pick up on his success.  Note that I wasn’t being singled out, the other people from my office also followed Nassau salesmen at other locations.  With a couple of minor exceptions, the Nassau salesman I followed didn’t do anything different than what we do.  Yet he consistently puts up superb numbers.  It may well be that Nassau’s more urbanized population is more receptive to the particular products and/or services that we sell.

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