Thursday, July 7 – Friday, July 8

Now that’s a nice incentive

Two reasonably decent days, though I had been hoping for a bit more.  On Thursday, I was with another, more experienced salesman, and after a good start things at our work location became rather quiet.  I also was encountering more than my usual share of rude customers.  After some discussion we decided to flip a coin to see if we’d stay at the present location or try our luck at a new one a few miles away.  There are about ten possible locations for us in Suffolk County, although two others were in use today by other salespeople.  It turned out that the coin flip said “new location.”  We had some misgivings, as changing locations in the middle of the day usually isn’t a good idea, but things didn’t look too promising where we were.  It should come as no surprise that the new location did not turn out well at all, as there just weren’t many potential customers.  Of course I don’t know if things would have been more lively at the old location.  On Friday, I worked by myself at another location and had some relatively modest results.

One of the things I wish were different about JKL Sales is the way that everyone has to report to the office every day at 9:00 for about 90 minutes’ of meetings and training sessions before being able to go to our work locations and start making sales.  One day of meetings per week should be enough, two tops.  What I found out from the experienced salesman on Thursday is that the company owner is offering us an incentive: if my particular sales campaign (one of three in the office) produces a particular number of sales in a week, we’ll be excused from the meetings and can go directly to our work locations at 11:00 or noon.  Our counterparts in Nassau County have a similar deal.  Now, getting to this sales level will not be easy, especially given our small staff, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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