Friday, July 15

Dust devil!

Now that was quite the sight.  Following the normal morning meeting – for once, Expressway traffic was sort of somewhat tolerable – I headed off to the day’s worksite, expecting to stay in that location for the rest of the day.  While there are no restrictions on changing locations during the course of the day, it generally doesn’t work out well.  That’s what happened to another salesman and I on Thursday of last week, when we changed locations in the afternoon and had no luck at all in the new location.  Today was a different story, however.  I was working with my manager, and due to some administrative-related issues we were unable to stay at the original location.  It was too bad, in a way, as I had enjoyed some early sales success at the first location.  But events intervened, and at around 2 in the afternoon we headed off to a new location not far away.

As I was driving to the new location, I saw a very rapidly whirling column of dust rising about 50 to 75 feet above a dirt lot right off a main road.  As bushes initially blocked my view of the ground I thought at first that some sort of heavy equipment was causing the dust column.  A few seconds later, as I drove closer, I realized to my great surprise that there was no heavy equipment in sight.  What I saw was instead a sort of miniature tornado moving around the dirt lot.  Traffic slowed as other drivers got a look, and a distracted driver nearly crashed into my manager’s car not far behind me.  Keep in mind that this miniature tornado was occurring in what was definitely not tornado weather, a clear day with little wind.

Later research showed that what I saw was a relatively rare phenomenon known as a dust devil, the first one I’ve ever seen.  One could say that having to change work locations was a fortunate thing, as otherwise I never would have gotten to see such an odd sight.  Of course it also helps that I did fairly well in the new location too!

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