Monday, July 18 – Tuesday, July 19

Two so-so days

That rather noncommittal term aptly describes these two days in sales terms. Not terrible, not good, somewhere poking around in the middle.  Monday was better than Tuesday.  What does stand out as a pretty good thing is that Expressway traffic wasn’t quite as bad either day as it has been in recent weeks.  Which isn’t to say that I zoomed along at warp speed, on the other hand there were no instances of being at a dead stop.  Being thankful for something of that nature should give you an idea of just how ferocious Expressway traffic can be.  One thing I’ve noticed is that westbound traffic often eases up to a significant extent just before Exit 56.  This is not attributable to people getting off at that exit, in fact it’s one of the lesser-used exits in central Suffolk (in relative terms), as traffic starts easing about a half-mile before the exit ramp.  I really have no idea why this is so.

As for my sales activities, one thing I noticed is that people were generally more polite on these two days than is often the case.  Most commonly I would hear “No, thank you” as opposed to a terse “No.”  There also was a near-complete absence of the dreaded hand wave, which occurs when people accompany a snarled “No” with a wave of their hands, as if to shoo me away like an annoying insect.  It should go without saying that I consider the hand wave an insulting and offensive gesture.


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