Wednesday, July 20 – Thursday, July 21

Things I’ve said elsewhere

Here for your edification are a couple of things I’ve written elsewhere in the last day or two about the special challenges of working in insurance sales. From Hit Coffee:

Being (somewhat) introverted may make it easier to cope with the special pressures of sales. If you’re an extrovert you probably have a genuine liking for people, and that’s going to cause a bit of a moral crisis, or at least confusion, after you spend even just a few days in the business and realize that most people are schmucks. Think about it: you enjoy meeting new people, you believe most people are fundamentally good, you spend an hour analyzing a customer’s needs and presenting the best solutions for those needs … only for the customer to reply “Let me think about it.”

You’re better off being an introvert with a more jaundiced view of humanity. Fewer illusions to be shattered.

From Facebook:

(Another person) Just because we went to the same college at the same time (during which we never once met or exchanged even the smallest word of greeting) does NOT mean I have even the slightest interest in purchasing insurance from you.

(Me) Of course, if you are selling insurance your sales managers will be incessantly hectoring you to sell to your “natural market” and follow “warm leads.” Some companies require new agents to provide lists of up to 200 people the agents know, and then expect them to contact everyone on the lists.

Thankfully, these aren’t really issues in my new job with JKL Sales.  Okay, the first part applies to a bit, but not really, given my quick interactions with potential customers.  As for these two days, Wednesday wasn’t too good, but after some initial struggles Thursday turned much better.  In another very good development, starting in a couple of weeks I may not have to start work at 9 anymore, but at 11.  Yay!

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