Monday, July 25

Shorter hours, yes!

“Happy” is an understatement.  I am overjoyed at the latest development here at JKL Sales.  Up to this point everyone had to arrive at 9:00 for at least two hours’ of meetings and training sessions, and then put in eight hours at the day’s particular sales location.  What this meant was an average workday of about 11 hours, and when added to the four or five hours’ on Saturdays meant a 60-hour workweek.  Those are pretty long hours, to say the least.

All this has changed.  Due to new management, the representatives in my particular sales campaign don’t have to arrive at the office until 10:30, and will be off to our sales locations within an hour.  We then have to report back to the office at 7:00 for a recap of the day’s activities, which lasts only about 20 to 30 minutes.  Putting it all together, the former 11-hour workday is now down to about nine hours, for a total workweek of around 50 hours.  Much more reasonable than 60 hours.

Now, this also means that instead of spending eight hours at the work site, I’ll be spending around six and a half to seven hours, depending on its distance from the office.  This is what the people in the Nassau office have been doing all along, and they’ve consistently put up extremely nice sales numbers.  What management is thinking is that the shorter workday allows for better concentration and intensity, and hence better results despite fewer hours.  It makes sense to me, and what’s more should be less burdensome.  In the next day or two I’m actually going to try going to the gym in the morning before work.  Of course many people do that routinely, but for me it’ll be quite an adjustment.

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