Friday, July 29

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Inspirational tone aside, that’s actually a rather stupid line.  Lemons are useful in all sorts of recipes, while lemonade is really just sugared water with some lemon flavoring.  You have many better choices when given lemons.  In any event, enough for the dissection of proverbs.  Today was an example of making the best out of a bad (or at least difficult) situation.  After the morning training session, I headed out to a work location in eastern Suffolk, one of the more distant locations from the office.  Coupled with an extra-long training session and some other distractions, I didn’t get to the work location until after 1:30.  No sooner did I arrive when I found out that a paperwork-related issue would make it impossible for me to work at that location.  Working by myself at other available locations would be difficult if not outright impossible.  Would this mean that I’d be unable to work today and wouldn’t make any money?

Thinking fast, I called another, more experienced salesman who was at a location about 20 minutes further west.  To my great relief he said that it would be okay for me to head to that location and work together with him.  Only three out of our 10+ available sales locations can accommodate more than one person, fortunately he was at one of them.  Even better, he called the manager and got us excused from having to be at the office for the normal 7:00 pm evening check-in, thereby giving us more time at the location.  And you know what?  I took advantage of this second chance, and had a pretty decent day in sales terms. Not only did I make sales, but I had to overcome some pretty fierce resistance.  All thanks to my quick thinking.

Note: the paperwork problem was soon corrected and won’t be an issue any more.

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