Monday, August 1 – Tuesday, August 2

Solo or duo?

One unusual feature about working at JKL Sales is that some days I work alone and some days I work with another salesperson.   At some point this may end, as our new manager’s goal is to hire enough people so that each one of our sales locations will have two people working each day.  I had my doubts as to whether all of the locations are sufficiently busy to support two people at a time, but double-staffing is the rule in the Nassau office, and they do very well for themselves.  Right now, out here in the hinterlands of Suffolk, we have such a small staff that many of the available locations go unstaffed for days at a time.  One would think, given the state of the economy, that hiring enough people would be a simple task, but in fact it can be difficult. Many people dislike the idea of working on commission, and others change their minds after brief orientation visits to the sales locations, when they see how physically demanding our work can be.

After several weeks in the field I’m still not entirely sure whether I prefer working alone or with another person.  Working alone means that I encounter more potential customers, but working with another person means that some deals which would have fallen through were I on my own end up going through – if Salesperson A is encountering resistance, Salesperson B sometimes can intervene and save the deal.  Salesperson B wouldn’t get the commission but would get reciprocal treatment should the situation arise.  What might be the deciding factor in favor of the 2-person approach is the fact that if things aren’t going well each person can provide the other with moral support.

As for these two days, I worked with another salesperson on Monday and by myself on Tuesday, at the same location each day.  While neither day was a stunning success I did somewhat better on Monday.  Whether that’s due to the solo vs. duo situation, or just happenstance, I’m not sure.

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