Wednesday, August 3 – Friday, August 5

So much for my mid-week gym visits

I really had been looking forward to going to the gym during the week.  Going just on weekends, as I’ve been doing for almost two months, really isn’t enough.  My plan on Wednesday had been to make a quick visit after work, now that I’m getting home by eight or so, and maybe go Thursday evening too.  It would be really nice.

All these plans came to an abrupt end when I got a call from my manager while driving to the office on Wednesday morning.  I found out that we would be working out of the Nassau County office (technically a separate company) for the rest of the week including Wednesday.  The Nassau office is located very close to the Queens line, in fact the most logical route actually involves crossing the line for a short distance, so it’s a long drive for me.  Even though the work hours are the same, the much longer drive meant that I didn’t get home until after nine each day, too late for gym visits.

On a positive note, working in new territories for a few days was a nice change.  Each day I went to a different Nassau work location with a different salesperson from the office.  The idea was that we would learn from the Nassau people, who manage to log excellent sales numbers week after week.  The irony is that each day I did equally well or better than the Nassau salesperson accompanying me!

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