Monday, August 8 – Tuesday, August 9

Of all absurd things …

One thing about working on a commission basis is that missing time means losing money.  For that reason, people in my line of work tend to drag themselves in when they’re under the weather, in circumstances that would lead salaried workers to call in.  Sometimes, however, one has no choice but to stay out.  This became all too apparent to me this morning, as I was eating a bagel while driving into work.  A sudden crunch sound made it immediately obvious that something highly undesirable of a dental nature had occurred.  In fact, it was just about the worst thing that could have happened – a tooth broke off a partial dental plate, and it just so happened to be a front upper tooth.  In other words, I was left gap-toothed, in a way that made me look like a hockey player and, furthermore, would make it impossible for me to deal with people at work.  Customers probably would run the other way upon seeing me.

After making arrangements to stay out of work, I called my dentist when the office opened at 1 pm, only to get some unwelcome news.  The broken partial plate would have to go to the lab for repairs, and that could not happen until Tuesday morning.  As the repairs would take several hours, I wouldn’t be able to pick up the prosthesis until Tuesday afternoon, probably eliminating any chance to work that day.  Great.  Now I was looking at two days without the chance to earn any money.

I went to the dentist’s office first thing Tuesday morning, and to my relief found out that the repair could be completed by early afternoon.  Of course things always take longer than predicted, but I was able to start work in mid-afternoon, so the day wasn’t a total bust.  Granted, my part-day sales efforts weren’t as successful as I had hoped, but at least I made an effort.

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