Tuesday, August 23 – Wednesday, August 24

A continuation of the theme

Both of these days turned out quite similar to Monday.  I had to go into the Nassau office each day, but then ended up working out in Suffolk County closer to home.  More significantly, both days resulted in decent-but-not-outstanding sales, just like Monday.  Obviously I would have preferred something better, but after last week’s dreadful performance anything is a major relief.

On further thought, the fact that I was able to sell anything on Wednesday is quite an accomplishment.  I had a blinding, partially aspirin-resistant headache for much of the day, which did not merely hurt but which also left me completely enervated.  Despite the pain the worst effects actually were mental rather than physical.  It was very difficult for me to focus on my presentations to prospective customers. While I may have been able to come out with the correct words, practice makes perfect and all that, the way in which I delivered them was wholly lacking in enthusiasm and no doubt quite deficient.  What added tremendously to my frustration was the fact that I knew full well I was doing a mediocre (at best) job but just couldn’t manage to do any better.  All of this made the fact that I had at least some modest results quite the accomplishment.

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