Tuesday, September 6 – Thursday, September 8

Really, it’s a very easy word to say

My present sales and marketing job with JKL Sales is very different in many respects from what I did when I was selling insurance.  For one thing, I’m at one location all day, albeit at a different location each day, rather than being constantly on the road.  You can imagine that this is a big relief given today’s gasoline prices.  A bigger difference, however, is that the products and/or services I now sell are things which customers actually want to buy (assuming they’re interested, of course).  Insurance isn’t like that at all.  No one wants to buy insurance, instead they buy it somewhat reluctantly, because they need the protection it accords.  This want-vs.-need distinction manifests itself in many ways.

Yet in one very important sense, the people I approach today are pretty much the same as those I encountered in the insurance business.  What they share is a very deep aversion to saying the word “no.”  I mean, “no” is an easy thing to say, right?  It’s just one syllable, and uttering it ends further discussion.  From the way people act, however, you’d get the idea that saying “no” is more difficult than reciting the complete works of Shakespeare … backwards … in Sanskrit.  What this means is that I hear a constant litany of often-convoluted ways of saying no without actually saying it.  There’s the classic “let me think about it,” which of course serves as this blog’s title.  One thing I hear a lot today is “do you have a card I can take?”  [Note: for the uninitiated, giving a potential customer your business card is a guarantee that you won’t be making a sale.]  Others say “I’ll talk to you the next time I’m at [the current sales location.]”  I’ve even heard, on a few occasions, “My mind is fixed on [item A], I can’t think about [what you are offering.]”

So really, the next time you are approached by a salesperson offering a product and/or service you don’t want, display a bit of courage and just say “no.”  I offer you my assurance that your tongue won’t fall out or anything.  Nor will the salesperson be offended, as no matter what he or she is selling at least a 98% rejection rate is fully expected.  Thank you.

By the way, these three days were fairly slow, especially considering how well I did on Saturday, but not disastrous.

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