Wednesday, September 21 – Friday, September 23

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much

All in all these were three decent if not outstanding days.  Wednesday’s sales location was one where I had been to many times during my first several weeks in the field, but not at all since the beginning of August.  It was sort of nice getting back to familiar ground, especially since it was the site of my very first sale and thus had some nostalgia value.  What wasn’t so nice is that today’s results were definitely on the mediocre side.  Not terrible, but not as good as yesterday’s and not where I wanted them to be.  At least I can take solace in the fact that I didn’t blow any potential sales.  It’s more that potential customers were very thin on the ground, so to speak.  Thursday turned out to be a better day, I was at the same location where I had been on Saturday and had similarly satisfactory results.  This location wasn’t especially busy, and it serves a generally non-affluent area, but for some reason people were especially amenable to my approaches.

Friday saw me making a lengthy drive to the easternmost sales location in Suffolk County.  I was there once before a few weeks ago, and at that time it had seemed fairly promising.  That theme appeared to continue today, as soon after arriving I made a quick sale.  Things then took a strange turn for the worse, unfortunately.  I spoke to a potential customer who expressed genuine interest in the products and/or services I had to offer.  It looked just like a Guaranteed Sure Thing. In a case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, however, I then proceeded to keep babbling on about what I was offering rather than just going right to the close … understand, there was no need to keep touting any virtues given that the customer was clearly ready to buy.  Sure enough, he uttered the dreaded phrase “do you have a card you can give me?”  When a customer asks for a card it’s a sure sign that no sale is in the offing.

Fear not!  Literally within ten seconds of slinking away from that customer in defeat I approached another one just a short different away and, to my amazement, she expressed considerable and genuine interest in my offerings.  Now this time I wasn’t going to blow the deal!  Or was I?  Yep, lightning struck twice, and I talked myself out of yet another sale!  This time, the customer’s reply was the equally dismaying “I think I’m going to hold off a bit.”  One thing about this business is that a lost sale is lost forever, I cannot go back to the customer and try again.  Two customers, two blown deals.

Now, understand that I did not lose two commissions; if I had signed up the first “do you have a card?” customer, the second, “hold off a bit” customer would have been long gone by the time I was done with the first one.  Even so, I was extremely frustrated with myself for performing so poorly in such a short time.  Being angry with myself is of course a non-productive thing, and in any event I did well enough with other customers that the day wasn’t a bust.  But I’m still frustrated, and that’s the way it is.

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