Friday, October 28


It came as a major relief.  After Wednesday’s very poor performance, and Thursday’s inability to work, I snapped back and had a nice day today.  In part it’s because I spent the day at what is almost always a good location.  But that’s not the whole story, and note in this context that on Wednesday I also was at a reliable location and bombed out.  What was more significant is that I went into today with a good attitude.  I told myself that tough times don’t last forever, and that each day represents a new opportunity.  Today I was able to connect with potential customers in a much more positive manner than had been the case on Wednesday.  Now, despite doing well today, my week’s earnings aren’t going to be particularly good, thanks to Wednesday’s debacle and my inability to work on Thursday, but at least they’ll be in the “reasonable” category.

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Wednesday, October 26 – Thursday, October 27

Two days to forget

Wednesday was an unmitigated disaster.  Despite working in a location that’s usually done well, I was a complete flop.  It was nearly impossible to connect with potential customers in any meaningful way.  Almost none of them expressed even the barest glimmer of interest in what I had to offer.  What’s more, instead of giving me flat “no’s” many of them gave me wow-aren’t-I-so-clever cutesy responses, which is a pretty good indication that they were finding my approaches totally inept.  If I’m not coming off so poorly, a customer who isn’t interested will just say no without resorting to such lame responses.

Thursday?  I felt lousy in the morning, and considered not going in at all.  I finally decided to go to a nearby location and give it a try.  Not too successfully, alas, as I lasted less than 30 minutes before deciding to call it a day.

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Monday, October 24 – Tuesday, October 25

Slow and steady wins the race.  I guess.

Neither of these days was anything exceptional, they both were the sort of slow and steady days that add up to reasonable performance.  As is usual on Mondays I had to drive into far western Nassau County for a meeting.  What was a bit unusual is that I found the meeting quite helpful.  I had a long talk with another salesperson, and I told him that I was quite depressed over the Guaranteed Sure Thing sales that I had lost last week.  For some reason I had way more than my share of such setbacks last week.  He told me that things of this sort happen to everyone, and it’s important – though not always easy – to remember that they aren’t the end of the world.  You just have to keep reminding yourself that there always are more potential customers.  I was grateful for this advice.

Anyway, my results for these two days weren’t bad.  I kept telling myself that each potential customer is a discrete event.  In other words, just because I wasn’t able to close potential customers A, B and C does not have any bearing on potential customer D.  It’s not as if people communicate telepathically among themselves.

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Saturday, October 22 – Sunday, October 23

Saturday began on a very bad note but fortunately turned somewhat better.  I got to the field early, as I normally do on Saturday, and lost a couple of Guaranteed Sure Thing deals due to what were in retrospect rather silly problems.  Around noon my luck began to change, and by the time I quit for the day at 1:30 I ended up with decent-ish results.

What wasn’t so decent was the fact that I didn’t go to the gym at all this weekend.  Chalk it up to a combination of laziness and lack of motivation.

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Thursday, October 20 – Friday, October 21

Does modest success outweigh major frustration?

These two days were the classic good news/bad news story.  The good news is that both of them were decent if not spectacular, the sort of steady days that won’t make me rich but which provide a decent amount of income.  I really shouldn’t complain.  The thing is, just because I shouldn’t complain does not mean that I won’t complain.  Both of these days featured particularly annoying lost sales.  Don’t get me wrong, every lost sale is annoying, but these ones were much more so than usual.  In each case I had a customer who was not merely interested but enthusiastic.  In fact, a couple of the customers were so interested that I didn’t even have to complete my full presentation.

Unfortunately, I lost each one of these certain sales due to what should have been easy-to-overcome obstacles.  Giving more details would not be possible, as it might reveal too much information as to the sort of products and/or services I sell, but suffice to say that in most cases these obstacles would not have been deal-killers.  On these days, however, the obstacles somehow proved totally insurmountable and kiboshed all the potential deals.  I might be able to save one or two of them next week, though it’ll be a long shot.  Still, I suppose to keep what (very) little remains of my sanity, I should concentrate on the deals that went through rather than on the ones got away … something which is, as the expression goes, easier said than done.

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Monday, October 17 – Wednesday, October 19

There isn’t much to say

About all I can say is that these were three distinctly mediocre days in sales terms.  Tuesday was the best of the bunch, but that’s not saying much.  Due to a lengthy meeting on Monday I spent less time than usual in the field, and on Wednesday the rain kept potential customers away … but those are just excuses. I really should have done a lot better than I did.  And rest assured that in a couple of weeks my pack check will reinforce this belief.

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Saturday, October 15 – Sunday, October 16

This was a much better weekend than last.  I worked for just a couple of hours on Saturday and did far better than I had done in more than twice the time last Saturday.  In part it might have been because I worked alone, as opposed to working with another salesperson last Saturday, and sometimes I do better solo.  Not always, but sometimes.  In the late afternoon I went to the gym for a very satisfying bench press session: 6 x 135, 6 x 165, 6 x 185, 6 x 205, 6 x 225, 2 x 5 x 225, 4 x 225, 8 x 185.  It was nice getting the six at 225.  Sunday was for one-arm dumbbell rows, once again with good results: 5 x 8 x 100/100.

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Friday, October 14

At least one of us must be delusional

It was a strange experience at the time.  Looking back, however, it clearly was something beyond strange.  Surrealistic might be a better description.  It happened in the late afternoon.  I began speaking with a 50ish woman who soon expressed interest in what I had to offer.  After a few minutes, following my presentation, she asked a technical question concerning the products and/or services I was selling.  I answered her question in a way that fully satisfied her concerns, and she seemed happy with what I said.

Within a minute, the customer asked me the exact same question she had just asked and which I had answered.  Figuring that maybe she hadn’t heard my response – though at the time she had given no indication of any misunderstanding – I repeated my answer.  Note that it was the answer she wanted to hear.  Flash forward another 90 seconds or so, and the customer (you guessed it!) asked her question the third time. I answered her once again, but by this point was so disconcerted that I had a very difficult time continuing with my discussion.

So what happened?  The customer was too young to be senile, and gave no indication whatsoever of being disoriented.  In fact, she seemed just about as sane as anyone.  There are only two possible conclusions: (1) she in fact was off her rocker but concealed it very well, or (2) I am delusional and imagined the entire encounter.  My bet’s on (2).

To add insult to (mental) injury, I wasn’t able to close the sale.  Fortunately other customers were less troublesome, or perhaps I was not delusional when I spoke to them, and I ended up having a pretty good day.  Or is that just a figment of my imagination too?

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Thursday, October 13

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

It was a near-certainty that today would be a disaster.  I generally like to spend about six and a half hours in the field each day.  Long enough for me to encounter a significant number of potential customers, yet short enough that I can maintain intensity and focus.  Today, however, an offsite training session began late and ran over time, meaning that I’d have less than five hours in the field.  To make matters worse, I got assigned to a not-very-busy sales location.  Finally, to make matters even more worse (is that grammatical?), I’d have to share the location with another sales representative.  More specifically, a very successful, hard-charging sales representative, trying to keep up with her would be a nightmare.

And yet … and yet … these fears proved unfounded.  After a slow start my luck did a 180 and I finished strong.  It was my best sales day of the week, despite the supposed obstacles I faced.  There’s a lesson here, even if I’m not entirely sure what it is.

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Tuesday, October 11 – Wednesday, October 12

Old Reliable wasn’t


My hopes were running high as I headed off to the day’s sales location on Tuesday morning.  I would be spending the day at what has always been a fruitful location, my first time there in at least three weeks, and as I was working alone I didn’t have to worry about competing for customers with another sales representative.  It was going to be a big day!

As I slunk home several hours later I was silently cursing myself for having had such high expectations.  For these expectations proved entirely false, as I ended up with very poor results.  Bombing out in such fertile territory is somehow worse than poor results in a less promising location even though the end result in terms of earnings is just the same.  I tried to make some excuses for my performance – my energy level was very low for much of the day (free advice: 5 Hour Energy does not work), and the number of customers in this normally promising location was significantly lower than usual.  It doesn’t matter, however.  I let myself down, and that was that.

Wednesday offered a measure of redemption even though it ostensibly seemed far less promising.  I was in a location that is known for being much less busy than Tuesday’s, and I had to share it with someone else.  Despite this, after a couple of early setbacks I ended up doing decently enough.  Not enough to make me rich, after Tuesday’s woes my weekly pay is likely to be unspectacular, but enough to restore my shaky confidence.

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