Thursday, September 29 – Friday, September 30

I have to overcome my fear of hearing that phrase

After three hideous days I was able to eke out a (very) modest recovery.  No, my performance on Thursday and Friday was not spectacular, not by any means, but it was a whole lot better than it had been.  Be thankful for small things, that’s the idea.  What may have helped was that after three days of going solo I worked with another, more experienced salesperson on Thursday and Friday, and both days we were in what are generally good sales territories.

During slow times I did a lot of talking with the other salesperson, and he observed me in action for quite a while, and I now may have a handle on what has been one of my biggest issues.  What I should be doing – in fact, what I have been trained to do – is get a customer who displays interest following my presentation to fill out a simple form (name, address, phone number) while I say that I will get our scheduling center on the phone.  This is accomplished by handing the form and a pen to the customer.  Now, when I did that during my early days in the field, from time to time I would get a less-than-pleasant reaction from a customer: “Wait, I’m not ready to sign up for anything yet!”  I quickly became gun-shy and stopped being so forward.  Or, to put it more precisely, I stopped assuming the sale.  Instead, upon completing my presentation I would ask, “Does this seem like a good idea to you?”  All too often the customer would mutter something about holding off a bit and would slink away.

It’s now apparent to me that I’ve got to me much more proactive about assuming the sale.  In other words, I have to overcome my fear morbid dread about a customer thinking I’m being too forward.  As the other salesperson pointed out, if I do offend a customer by assuming the sale it’s not the end of the world.  Ten minutes later the customer will have forgotten all about me, and in any event it’s not like he or she is a lifetime friend or anything.  In short, it is much better to be hearing “Wait, I’m not ready to sign up for anything yet” than “You know, I think I’ll hold off for a while.”

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