Monday, October 3 – Wednesday, October 5

A steady increase

You may recall that Monday through Wednesday of last week were uniformly wretched.  While these three days this week weren’t anything I’d call wonderful, they showed some steady improvement.  Monday began as usual with a long drive to the Nassau County office for the weekly meeting.  As the office is a literal stone’s throw from the Queens line – granted, you’d need a good throwing arm and a couple of bounces – it’s a lengthy drive.  During the meeting, which took place in a small, crowded and uncomfortably warm room, I knew that I was definitely under the weather today.  By the time I got to the field in the early afternoon, at a location not far from where I live, my strength was sinking like a stone.  Even more significantly, I found it very difficult to concentrate on the work at hand.  My approaches to potential customers were about what you’d expect from a rank beginner.  After a couple of hours I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and went home.  My concern was that if I stuck it out for the full day I’d been more or less useless tomorrow.

Leaving early on Monday paid off on Tuesday, as I was in much sharper condition both physically and mentally.  While it would be an exaggeration to say that Tuesday was a good day, among other things there was a distinct shortage of potential customers at the work location, it was better than Monday.  Even better, Wednesday turned out to be better still.  I got a much earlier start than usual, to attend a meeting in the Suffolk office, and getting to the work location early in the day may have been a help.

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