Tuesday, October 11 – Wednesday, October 12

Old Reliable wasn’t


My hopes were running high as I headed off to the day’s sales location on Tuesday morning.  I would be spending the day at what has always been a fruitful location, my first time there in at least three weeks, and as I was working alone I didn’t have to worry about competing for customers with another sales representative.  It was going to be a big day!

As I slunk home several hours later I was silently cursing myself for having had such high expectations.  For these expectations proved entirely false, as I ended up with very poor results.  Bombing out in such fertile territory is somehow worse than poor results in a less promising location even though the end result in terms of earnings is just the same.  I tried to make some excuses for my performance – my energy level was very low for much of the day (free advice: 5 Hour Energy does not work), and the number of customers in this normally promising location was significantly lower than usual.  It doesn’t matter, however.  I let myself down, and that was that.

Wednesday offered a measure of redemption even though it ostensibly seemed far less promising.  I was in a location that is known for being much less busy than Tuesday’s, and I had to share it with someone else.  Despite this, after a couple of early setbacks I ended up doing decently enough.  Not enough to make me rich, after Tuesday’s woes my weekly pay is likely to be unspectacular, but enough to restore my shaky confidence.

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