Friday, October 14

At least one of us must be delusional

It was a strange experience at the time.  Looking back, however, it clearly was something beyond strange.  Surrealistic might be a better description.  It happened in the late afternoon.  I began speaking with a 50ish woman who soon expressed interest in what I had to offer.  After a few minutes, following my presentation, she asked a technical question concerning the products and/or services I was selling.  I answered her question in a way that fully satisfied her concerns, and she seemed happy with what I said.

Within a minute, the customer asked me the exact same question she had just asked and which I had answered.  Figuring that maybe she hadn’t heard my response – though at the time she had given no indication of any misunderstanding – I repeated my answer.  Note that it was the answer she wanted to hear.  Flash forward another 90 seconds or so, and the customer (you guessed it!) asked her question the third time. I answered her once again, but by this point was so disconcerted that I had a very difficult time continuing with my discussion.

So what happened?  The customer was too young to be senile, and gave no indication whatsoever of being disoriented.  In fact, she seemed just about as sane as anyone.  There are only two possible conclusions: (1) she in fact was off her rocker but concealed it very well, or (2) I am delusional and imagined the entire encounter.  My bet’s on (2).

To add insult to (mental) injury, I wasn’t able to close the sale.  Fortunately other customers were less troublesome, or perhaps I was not delusional when I spoke to them, and I ended up having a pretty good day.  Or is that just a figment of my imagination too?

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