Thursday, October 20 – Friday, October 21

Does modest success outweigh major frustration?

These two days were the classic good news/bad news story.  The good news is that both of them were decent if not spectacular, the sort of steady days that won’t make me rich but which provide a decent amount of income.  I really shouldn’t complain.  The thing is, just because I shouldn’t complain does not mean that I won’t complain.  Both of these days featured particularly annoying lost sales.  Don’t get me wrong, every lost sale is annoying, but these ones were much more so than usual.  In each case I had a customer who was not merely interested but enthusiastic.  In fact, a couple of the customers were so interested that I didn’t even have to complete my full presentation.

Unfortunately, I lost each one of these certain sales due to what should have been easy-to-overcome obstacles.  Giving more details would not be possible, as it might reveal too much information as to the sort of products and/or services I sell, but suffice to say that in most cases these obstacles would not have been deal-killers.  On these days, however, the obstacles somehow proved totally insurmountable and kiboshed all the potential deals.  I might be able to save one or two of them next week, though it’ll be a long shot.  Still, I suppose to keep what (very) little remains of my sanity, I should concentrate on the deals that went through rather than on the ones got away … something which is, as the expression goes, easier said than done.

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